Amazing West Sichuan - Travel Journal - Day 4


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Day 4 - Oct 19, Yading - Longtongba - Chonggu Temple - Longtongba - Yading

Good day today! At 8:20, we arrived at the entrance of Yading Nature Reserve, only 5 min ride from our Inn. From the entrance to Lotongba, where we could actually climb the mountain, is like an hour and half ride, it all snow for most of the ride, vert stunning snow view at the mountain.

Way to Longtongba

From Longtongba to Chonggu Temple, it wa like 3 km but with several hundred meters altitude difference, we rode a horse at 40RMB per person, it was like about half hour ride, if walking then it took a double time, from where tourists dismount the horse to Chonggu temple is another 10 min walk, we were already surrounded by the extreme amazing autumn sceneries, colorful woods, snow mountain, streams, everything was breath-taking.

It's a pity that the way to Luorong cattle farm was blocked due to the heavy snow by then, we had to stay at Chonggu temple trying to see if the road could be open again later the same day, but with negative answers eventually, so we rode a horse down after several hours waiting and visiting at Chonggu temple, thought the scenery there was very beautiful already. Road condition & scenery along the way: Yading - Longtongba, sightseeing bus route, very good, great sceneries along the way! Longtongba - Chonggu temple, horse riding, road is very difficult, too bad even for horses, surrounded by the smell of Autumn, great scenery!

Way to Chonggu Temple