Amazing West Sichuan - Travel Journal - Day 3


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Day 3 - Oct 18, Yading - (29 km) - Mt.Echu - Yading

With forecast of no any possibility of sunshine this morning, I had a long enough sleep last night, and got up till ninenish, had a shabby breakfast of cookies and pure waters on the minivan, and then we headed to Mt.Echu, a place I've never heard before, it was like 29 km from the entrance of Yading scenic spot, road condition on the mountain was terrible, but awesome landscapes along the mountain road, we finally reached to a local Tibetan viilage close to the peak, local Tibetan people were very hospitable there and asked me for a milk tea at their house, it was a nice treat.

We drove back to Yading county at noon after a visit at Mt.Echu, and we got a free time for the rest of day, I stayed in the Inn for several hours watching some American dramas and later went to visit some local hotels and took record and pics of each one for future reference.

The old local Tibetan

Tibetan village at Mt.Echu

Road condition & Scenery long the way:

  • Yading - Mt.Echu, very bad , mountain road seen above, but scenery is very stunning, local Tibetan village is so worth visiting.

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