Yan's Compound of Bai minority in Xizhou


Yan's Compound of Bai Minority

When people come to Dali, they are always be fascinated by the unique dwellings of the ethnic Bai people. The Yan's Compound of Bai Minority in Xizhou is the most representative Bai- style residence in Dali City which is about 13 km.(8 mi.) away from the Dali Ancient City.

Built in 1920's and covering an area of 3,066 sq. m. (33,002 sq. ft.), it is famous for its unique architectural buildings and magnificent momentum, which can fully reflect the architectural gift of the Bai people. 

The whole Yan's Compound consists of four parts with each part closely linked together with each other. When entering into it, your attention will be caught by the main house with a screen wall and two wings.

In the local Bai people's eyes, the screen wall must face to the east so that the house can make fully use of the sunshine in the morning. Moreover, It is considered as a talisman with delicate calligraphy and paintings decorated and it will bring good luck in the Bai people's eyes.

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When you go inside of the Yan's Compound, you are presented with the second and third parts of the house. Both of them are of unique architectural style in Dali called "sihe wutianjing", being surrounded by four houses with four small rooms built between each of the houses.

Going deeper, we will reach the final part of the compound, boasting its modern, western architectural style. If you are interested in architectural buildings, here is surely one of the attractions of your tours.

Yan's Compound of Bai Minority - Xizhou

If you come to the Yan's Compound, one experience you can't miss is to drink the "Sandaocha", which is a traditional tea ceremony consisting of three unique tea flavors.

The bitter, sweet, and spicy tea is just symbolic of hardship in life and local Bai people are very hospitable to ask you to have a taste.

The Yan's Compound in Xizhou is great place to savor the Bai ethnic culture and the Bai architecture will surely be fascinating to you. The entrance fee is 30 RMB (5 USD).

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