Leshan Giant Buddha and Mt. Emei


Leshan Giant Buddha - Sichuan Attractions - China Tour
You may have seen Buddhist idols on your visit to Beijing or Xi'an, but I doubt you've ever seen a Buddha whose instep is big enough for one hundred people to sit on, or whose shoulder-breadth is large enough to be a basketball court! 

The Leshan Grand Buddha in Sichuan, China, is one such sulpture - it is the largest carved stone Buddha in the world, in fact. For centuries, the mystery of how the ancient people of Sichuan were able to carve out such an imposing and magnificent statue has fascinated visitors from across China and abroad who travel to Sichuan to see this historic wonder.

Not far from the Leshan Giant Buddha, Mt. Emei (also called E Mei Shan) is another hot tourist destination in the south of the Sichuan basin. This beautiful mountain is accented by archetypical Buddhist structures, rumbling waterfalls, intriguing surrounding landscapes, and breathtaking sunsets. A visit to these two Sichuan attractions, Leshan Grand Buddha and Mt. Emei, will definitely add unique flavor of to your experience in Sichuan and leave you with everlasting memories of Sichuan's mystique.

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