Tibet Travel Bureau is Making Tibet into A Four-Season Travel Destination


In the newly finished ' Yanlung Zangbu Grand Canyon Tourism Summit Forum of Tibet ' meeting,

Wangsongping, vice minister of Autonomours Region Travel Bureau, came up with the latest policy of building Tibet into a four-season travel distination and gave an thorough discrimination about this topic.

Due to the geographical issue, tourism in Tibet is largely affcted by travel seasons. 90% of the tourists came in from May to October. Through November to April next year, there is few people tent to travel in Tibet.

During the low season, most hotels and travel agencies are closed. 'Under this condition', Wang said in the meeting,'if the tourism in Tibet wants to have a big development based on the current situation, then we have to get through this seasonal limit, and that's why we come up with this new four-season destination plan.'  

In Wang's further speech at the meeting, he explained this policy from a 'Top- low'point, 'top' refers to' high altitude & high expierience' while'low'means' low temperature & low travel cost', 'in our future work, this Top and low strategy will be a key point to develop the tourism of Tibet'.

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