Mount Kailash and crossing Tibet Changthang tour - 22 days


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22 Days
  • Private Tour
  • Overland
Besides Mt Everest, Mt Kailash, Guge Kingdom Ruins, you will also get into the far northern Tibetan plateaus. This desolate ruggedly beautiful area is covered in snow-capped peaks, beautiful valleys, vast grasslands and has plenty of wildlife!
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If we join to group tour and start June. Pls show me cost?

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Hi Francois,
Thanks for contacting us! I've already sent you an email with some details about your travel plan. Please check it and let me know if you have any further questions on it.
Best Regards,

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I'm a single traveller who plans to do your WT-305 tour in July 2014. Could you tell me about the price, and the eventual possibilitiy to join an existing group ?
Kind regards. Francois BERSIER

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