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Put up a tent, sit beside a table with different people from China or abroad and talk with each other about many different things as well as the diverse beer cultures, all of these making your best things to do in Shanghai all the worthwhile. This is the beer festival which is being held in Shanghai right now. The festival is held in Shanghai, one of the highly developed cities in the world. Shanghai as an international destination, attracting countless people to visit Shanghai. If you book a tour now, not only can you get the chance to attend the grand and surprising beer festival, but also you can visit many symbolic Shanghai attractions at the same time. To know more information about Shanghai tours, please look at WindhorseTour’s Places To Visit In Shanghai.

September and October can be the months when people who are living in Shanghai spend time with beers, beers and beers. From the Shanghai Foreign Street Music Beer Festival held between 7-9th in September, 2012, to the Second Annual Kerry Beer fest which is being held from 22 September, 2012, there is now a strong sense of beer culture and mania of beer festivals in Shanghai. If you are just in Shanghai now or going to take a short tour to visit Shanghai, you will be lucky enough to join in the beer time and get the chance to visit various world-class Shanghai attractions. 

The Second Annual Kerry Beer fest showcases more than 50 craft beers, ciders and imported brews from 13 of Shanghai’s top beer vendors, thus making beer lovers taste different kinds of brewed beers from China and abroad in Shanghai. The beer fest focuses on beer venues and promotes craft beer in China, the brews houses covers Boxing Cat Brewery, Great Leap Brewery, the Home Brew Store, De Refter, Beernest, the BREW and the local beer houses. Some of the showcases brands are Nine-mile Scented Wheat Beer, HGA IPA, Mosaic Ale Grizzly and Yunnan Amber. Are your favorite brands included? If so, just visit Shanghai in this cool autumn. Shanghai is a great place to discover and there are many things to do in Shanghai: take a look at the futuristic skylines, feel the pop culture in this modern city, be transported through the tree lined avenues… Famous Shanghai attractions are Oriental Pearl Tower, Yu Yuan Garden, Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai Ocean Aquarium which can be called the world’s longest aquarium tunnel. Shanghai won't let you down, visit Shanghai in China will be a true unforgettable experience. For more information about this, please look at WindhorseTour’s Classic China Tour to Beijing - Xi'an - Guilin - Shanghai.

The Second Annual Kerry Beer fest is free of entry.

Address of Kerry Parkside Courtyard: 1388 Huamu Lu, near Fangdian Lu.

Except the two beer fest above, there is also the Annual Oktober Fest which will be held at several Paulaner Bräuhauses in Shanghai from September 29th - October 20th. Check the time and places below:

September 29 – October 1st: Paulaner Bräuhaus Shangri-La Binjiang. Riverside Promenade, Binjiang Da Dao.

October 2 – 5th: Paulaner Bräuhaus Xintiandi.

October 12 – 20th: Paulaner Bräuhaus flagship brewery.

All of these beer fests open daily from 5 PM. till late, ensures that you will have a leisure and relaxing time in the beer houses, making drinking beer one of the fantastic things to do in Shanghai during this beer festival.

Actually, these beer fests being held in Shanghai provides a stage for people from different countries to communicate the beer brewing culture. Tourists who visit Shanghai and take part in this fest can immerse themselves totally in an exotic atmosphere, also a promoting to the beer brewing industries. These beer festivals also draws a vibe to visit Shanghai to various Shanghai attractions, even the whole of China, enabling more people the chance to get close to Shanghai and see many world-famous Shanghai attractions.

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