Amazing West Sichuan - Travel Journal - Day 7


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Day 7 - Oct 22, Bamei - (73km) - Danba

Today was an easy ride from Bamei to Danba, 73km only, which lesves us plenty time taking pics, after a very good sleep last night, we left Bamei at 7:40a.m and slowly move to Danba as the scenery along the way especially when the sun was about rise was extremely wonderful.

Around 14:20 we arrived Danba county and without a stay we headed directly to visit the famous Jiaju Tibetan village, it was a half hour mountain road ride from the county. Although I was not some artificial scenery fan, still I loved the way the local Tibetan build their houses:)

Early morning around Bamei

Jiaju Tibetan Village

Road condtion & scenery along the way:

  • Bamei - Danba: not good, jolt al lot, but with amazing sceries along the way
  • Danba - Jiaju Tibetan village, narrow mountain road, not good