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Within 16 days, you will enjoy all the best scenery of Tibet and exotic Nepal. This journey not only shows you the spectacular scenery such as Potala Palace, Yamdrok Lake and sunset at the Everest Base Camp, but also experience first-hand trekking in Tibet from Ganden to Samye. Along the "Friendship Road" from Tibet, across the border into Nepal, your journey will take you to Kathmandu and the tour also ends here. For the things to do in Tibet by WindhorseTour, you can look at: Beijing to Kathmandu plus Trekking on Tibet Tour.

Trekking in Tibet from Ganden to Samye Monastery

What could be more exciting than trekking in Tibet from Ganden Monastery to Samye Monastery! As for most travelers in Tibet, this route is meant to be a pilgrimage route. Ganden Monastery and Samye Monastery are the most famous temples in Tibet, with their unique architectures it attracts many travelers. Along your hiking tour you will see beautiful lakes, alpine forests and the snowy passes. When you start this trekking trail, you should be proud of yourself during the trekking. You may have not realized that you are walking on one of the highest roads where the altitude is from 4,500 m. (14, 763 ft.) to 5,100 m. (16,732 ft.). That's also why the trekking lovers choose this trip as one of must-try things to do in Tibet. There are more information about trekking in Tibet that you may be interested at: Ganden to Samye Things to do in Tibet.

Great view of Mount Everest from Everest Base Camp
Have you ever imagined that you will see the real Mount Everest in your lifetime? This great chance provides you when arrive at Everest Base Camp in Tibet. Here, you can truly to see Mount Everest which seems standing in front of you. Everest Base Camp (E.B.C) at the altitude of 5,200 m. (17,060 ft.), which is set up for protecting the core area of Mount Everest. It is an ideal place for people having a brief stay before they climb up Mount Everest. The experts of WindhorseTour will guide you to see the breathtaking sunset on E.B.C. Please look at: Tibet Train Tour & Visit E.B.C.

Tibet To Kathmandu Tour

Kathmandu city has over 2,700 temples, hence called “the temple city ". Here in this city, people enjoy the simple pleasure and the pursuit of a perfect life. The ancient and brilliant atmosphere is covered everywhere. Durbar square, the Imperial Palace and lively female temple endow Kathmandu an incarnation of peace and beauty. With the ubiquitous monuments, small workshops, sitting on a thousand years of history of the palace, you will know what is more than happy paradise.

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