Reasons to visit Shangri-La in Yunnan


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Yunnan yaks drinking water in Shangri-la
Shangri-la is a mystical valley in Yunnan province, an eternally peaceful and quiet place among mountains. As James Hilton described in his book, Shangri-la is a “Garden of Eden on Earth”.

For the unique beauty, Shangri-la tour is the hottest Yunnan tourism destination and if you travel to Kunming, you must go to Shangri-la.

You can go to Shangri-la by train, bus or airplane. However, how about the top attractions in your Shangri-la in Yunnan tour? When is the best time to visit? If you read this, you can get lots of help on your Yunnan tour.

Little Potala Palace.
Among the Yunnan tourism attractions, you should not lose the chance to see the top five places in Shangri-la:

  1. Songzanlin Monastery
  2. Bitahai Nature Reserve
  3. White Water Terraces
  4. Haba Snow Mountain
  5. Nixi Pottery Village

The splendid Songzanlin Monastery, also renowned as “the little Potala Palace”, is the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Yunnan. With a group of ancient castles, the Songzanlin Monastery is magnificent, spectacular and exquisite.

Well-known as the pearl of Yunnan, the Bitahai Nature Reserve was established to protect the rare wildlife and plant life in the region. You can find a wide array of plants and wildlife here.

The absorbing White Water Terraces is an ancient Chinese landform. Clean water runs down along terraces, leaving an impression of a large white jade carving among the green mountain.

The Haba Snow Mountain is covered with snow at the top and the alpine moraine lake, endless tracks of azalea flowers of this mountain touch travelers deeply.

The Nixi Village is the most "Shangri-la" part of Shangri-la in Yunnan. A tiny village standing by green grassland on which flocks of yaks, sheep and horses graze gives a sense of timeless tranquility.

Haba Snow Mountain in Yunnan
Haba Snow Mountain
The peak season for the tour in Shangri-la in Yunnan is from May to September.

The weather is not too cold, neither too hot during the day time.

Rhododendrons and many other flowers begin blossoming from May, flower seas can be seen everywhere.

Besides the natural beauty, two traditional festivals attract visitors enormously.

The first one is the horse racing festival, which is celebrated on May 5th according to the lunar calendar and the horse race is held at the foot of Wufeng Mountain and lasts for three days. You can enjoy horse racing and theatrical performances during this festival.

Another festival is Dengba festival, which is celebrated on July 15th according to the lunar calendar. During this festival, all the Tibetans wear festival attire and worship gods for good fortune.

The low-peak season is in winter, because of the freezing weather. However, the winter of Shangri-la is also beautiful, especially those snow mountains. You can come across varieties of migratory birds and other rare animals in winter’s Shangri-la.

The specialize food served in Shangri-la
The interesting local culture and tasty cuisine indulge the travelers.

Besides the two festival above, the Tibetan New Year and the Gedong festival are also significant to local people.

Of course, "The 18 Oddities of Yunnan" is proud by residents. As to the local cuisine, Erkuai , "Over The Bridge" noodles, bamboo tube rice and three courses tea  are recommended.

Erkuai is a glutinous rice-based dish, "Over The Bridge" noodles has: a bowl of extremely hot chicken broth, various slices of meat, including chicken, fish and meat up to nine varieties with various seasonings and rice noodles. Bamboo tube rice is sticky rice steamed in small bamboo tubes. Three courses tea consists of bitter tea, sweet tea and spicy tea.

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