Spring Festival in Nanchong


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Chinese New Year, also called as the Chinese Spring Festival, is the grandest traditional festival in China. Chinese people celebrate the Spring Festival according to the lunar calendar.  Different places have different customs for celebrating the coming of the Lunar New Year. Take Nanchong, a small city in China's Sichuan province, as an example to give tourists an image on how Chinese people celebrate this grand festival. Travel to China and join yourself in these traditional Chinese customs. For more information about China tours, please look at WindhorseTour's Classic China Tours.

Nanchong is a medium-sized city located in the northeast of China's Sichuan Province. Sichuan is a popular place for traveling. For more information about Sichuan tour, please look at WindhorseTour's 7 Day Sichuan Tour. Nanchong is quiet most of the year, but during the Spring Festival it explodes into action. By taking a classical China tour, tourists will get much knowledge on the traditional Chinese customs. Before the Chinese Spring Festival, everywhere you see families preparing for their celebrations, sweeping homes, readying guestrooms for visiting relatives, buying gifts, groceries, fireworks and decorating their houses with red paper lanterns and couplets. Put up lanterns and couplets on Lunar 30th and this year the Chinese Spring Festival falls on 9th February, 2013.

For the Chinese Spring Festival, family feast is the centerpiece of the Chinese Spring Festival celebrations. Chinese families buy a lot of traditional holiday foods such as fish, poultry, meats, nuts, seeds and candies. Sweet rice dumpling (called "Tangyuan" in Mandarin) is an especially popular festival food because its round shape and the roundness of the bowls which is served in symbolize family togetherness. Chinese dumplings (called "Jiaozi" in Mandarin) are traditionally shaped like ancient coins to symbolize wealth and prosperity. One of the traditional Chinese customs during the Chinese New Year is to place a coin into a dumpling and whoever finds it will have good luck in the following year. Take a tour to China and join the scenes of jubilation for yourself! For more information about this please look at WindhorseTour's China Tour.

Here is a picture of the people in Nanchong who are watching firework displays. The happiest time for Chinese Spring Festival can be the New Year's Eve, when families give special regard to one another. Children are given new clothes and lucky money in little red envelopes, getting gifts from their older relatives. Everyone sits in front of the TV to watch the gala show. After it gets dark, families gather outside and start to set off fireworks into the night sky. The sound is deafening!

Setting off fireworks is one of the traditional Chinese customs for Nanchong people. Chinese New Year is a time when people go out to see the spectacular fireworks displays and the colorful dragon and lion dancing show. Legend has it that a beast named Nian used to terrorize the village in China and steal food. First, villagers placed food outside of their doors as offerings to Nian in a hope that the monster would leave them alone after it had eaten the food. Then people discovered Nian was afraid of the red color and the loud noises, which is where the tradition Chinese custom of setting off the fireworks comes from and why so many Chinese decorate their homes with red lanterns during the Chinese Spring Festival.

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