Celebrate the Tibetan New Year


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Tibetan New Year is the most important and grandest festival each year among all the various Tibetan Festivals. Tibetan people celebrate the Tibetan New Year like the Han People celebrate the Lunar New Year and as the western people celebrate the Christmas! During a Tibetan New Year Festival Tour, you'll have a chance to live with a Tibetan family for a short time and deeply feel the lively festival atmosphere. All Tibetan people cheerfully prepare everything to celebrate this important festival, you'll see how Tibetan people celebrate their new year, bid farewell to the past year and how they worship their Buddhists religion, when you travel to Tibet during the Tibetan New Year.

Extraordinary and lively entertainment during the Tibetan New Year

During the Tibetan New Year period, people put on their festival attire, get together to dance and perform in the festival carnivals. All places in Tibet will take a series of entertainment activities especially the skill competitions. If you are interested in this skill competitions when travel to Tibet, there are even special Horse Racing Festival Tour provided for you. These types of recreational activities in different places are almost similar, just a small difference according to the local environment. According to the Tibetan calendar, the Tibetan New Year almost always falls in the same month as Chinese Spring Festival and lasts about fifteen days. On the New Year's Day, a grand celebration is held in front of the Potala Palace. In the following day of the Tibetan New Year, there will be a series of recreational activities such as the racing, horse racing, wrestling, etc. During the Tibetan New Year, people in Tibet are all immerged in happy and cheerful atmosphere to celebrate the New Year and looks forward to a better year ahead!

Religious custom of the Tibetan New Year

You'll find the Tibetan culture is so interesting when you travel to Tibet during festivals, especially the Tibetan New Year Tour as well as the popular Shoton Festival Tour. The Tibetan people believe in Buddhism, so the Tibetan New Year is full of religious atmosphere. Tibetan people begin to prepare for Tibetan New Year almost as early as in December. When you travel to Tibet at this time, you'll truly experience how the Tibetan people prepare for this grand Tibetan festival. Except for doing the special shopping for the New Year, each family will make a grain bucket named "Qiema", they are the offerings made of wheat, ghee and tsamba, and also a symbol of  auspicious sign in Tibetan people's heart. "Qiema" and the highland barley green bud together are enshrined in the middle of the sacrificing place to pray for a abundant harvest in the coming year. There are also other Tibetan specialties they will prepare, such as "Kasai" -- a pasta fried by ghee, colorful and full of shapes: square, ear, butterfly, etc. The shapes and colors are always a symbol of hostesses' industry, wisdom and enthusiasm. Tibetan people will also go to different monasteries in Tibet to worship like the Jokhang Temple, Sera, Drepung, etc.

Have a Tibet tour during the Tibetan New Year, you'll be immerged in the characteristic Tibetan culture and feel the extremely amazing and exciting celebrations of the Tibetan New Year together with local people. Come to take part in the Tibetan festivals, experience the unique Tibetan custom and the kind hospitable Tibetan people.

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