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WindhorseTour is a reliable Travel Agency, has its headquarters in China. We are specialized in conducting tours to China including Beijing, Chengdu, Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou etc. We are started with the aim to make your China trip smoother by offering you the customized and costs effective packages. Our agency is backed by the top rated Travel Advisors who help are ready to provide their valuable assistance for 24x7. Since the inception, we have been improving our self by taking feedback from our clients.

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Our client’s satisfaction is our priority. We make sure that customers would get satisfied with our offered China Package. Along with this, we also provide contingency plans in case of any emergency that occurs during your tour. We help our customers with the following Assistance:

  • Traveling Tips
  • Visa Procedure
  • China Information
  • Customized tour
  • 100% Customers Support
  • Instant Helps
  • Emergency Help

Why are Windhorse Tour professionals and reliable Agency?

There are lots of Travel Agencies presents in China but who is the best amongst all, quite hard to find out. At Windhorse Tours, we pass on only trusted Travel Information, under the aegis of experienced travel agents. All the given information will be first hand. Also, we bring 100% transparency in all our package information so that we will have a clear view of the what type of place they are going to visit in China.

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No matter if you are blank about China, we give you in-depth knowledge about its place and history as well. We make our customers comfortable with us so that they can enjoy and get the best tour of their life experience. Furthermore, we have 12+ years experience, operating customized tours to China. Along with making preparing a tour, we also give a sound understanding of the history of China that you will find it interesting.

Reason for choosing Local Agency

  • It is always good to hire a local Travel Agency as it will you multiple benefits like:
  • Once you will take up the local agency then they will bring you closer to the people of China.
  • They will have deep-understand about the China Culture and tradition so that they can explain you better.
  • Local Agency will take you to such places which will give you the best information about it.
  • You will go to be charged locally for them. There will be no hidden and extra chargers that you will have to pay.

What Our Business Philosophy?

Every businessman starts up with some clear vision and philosophy so we have also come up with the same. Here is the list of our philosophy that we have made in our business:

  • To carefully understand our client’s traveling requirements
  • Provide them a clear vision of their tripping schedule
  • Make clear communication source for the better interaction

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