Amazing west Sichuan - travel journal - day 10


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Day 10 - Oct 25, Siguniang mountain - Yingxiu - Chengdu

Today was the last day of my 10 day tour to west Sichuan region, the only day without any special travel spots to visit, 8:40a.m we drove back from Siguniang mountain to Chengdum, 11:00a.m around passed by Wolong Panda Reserve, which had been closed since the earthquake 2008.

Road close to Yingxiu, the center area of the previous earthquake was still difficult, you could see the vestige of newly ladnslides everywhere, due to the time limit we didn't get to visit the earthquake relic museum, which was a pity during the tour. We finally arrived in Chengdu at 16:30 in the afternoon.

On the way to Wolong

West Sichuan - Travel Journal - On the way to Wolong

Road condition around Yingxiu

West Sichuan - Levi travel Journal - On the way to Yingxiu

Road condition & scenery along the way:

  •  Rilong - Wolong, relatively good, mountain road, view is good along the way
  • Wolong - Yingxiu, no good especially close to Yingxiu county, could be very bad, but you may meet wild monkeys which makes it very interestin
  • Yingxiu - Dujiangyan, good 
  • Dujiangyan - Chengdu, highway, very good

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