Amazing West Sichuan - Travel Journal - Day 8


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Day 8 - Oct 23, Danba 1 Day Sightseeing

Today we had a full day at Danba keep visiting Jiaju Tibetan village followed Zhonglu Tibetan village in the afternoon, with no sunshine in the afternoon, we got up later than other days and had one more hour at Jiaju Tibetan village, then we drove to Zhonglu Tibtetan villageat noon, in the whole afternoon we were climbing the mountain at Zhonglu trying to find good spot to take shoots, and lucky enough we finally found one, also the great sunshine late in the afternoon.

Danba Sightseeing

Road condition & scenery along the way:

  • Jiaju Tibetan village - Danba - Zhonglu Tibetan village, bad road condition especially at Zhonglu Tibetan village, typical mountain view.