Shoping in Guilin - advice on where to shop and what to buy


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Shoping place in Guilin - Zhongshan Road

For many shopping in Guilin is a key part of their trip. With many unique gifts at Zhongshan Road you can easily find something for everyone. Even your strange aunt.

Shopping in Guilin is a little different compared with other big Chinese cities. Although Guilin is a small city, it has something unique in this beautiful region and worthwhile to take home as souvenirs.  

Shopping in Guilin can be one of the most interesting things to do in Guilin for travelers. Zhongshan Road, one of the popular places to visit in Guilin, is a major road in the city center. Many shopping places are located along this road.

Well-known for its gorgeous scenery, Guilin offers travelers a range of costly jewelry, a variety of handicraft products to satisfy every price range, ethnic group adornments and distinctive local product. You can join yourself to have this exciting experience, then please look at 3 Day Classical Guilin and Yangshuo Tour.

Zhongshan Road is the longest commercial street in Guilin. Zhongshan Road is worthy of the name of the "commerce and finance center" in Guilin and is divided into three parts: north part, middle part and south part.

Shopping in Guilin - a popular gift - the South Sea Pearls
South Sea Pearls

The middle one is busy than the other two. There are many big department stores in the street as well as many boutique stores including some famous brands. Both of South Sea Pearls and Chinese Landscape Ink Paintings which are famous souvenirs for travelers that can be found here.

Some boutique stores recommended to you are NiKo-NiKo-Do Plaza (Wei Xiao Tang), Dream Island Department Store (Meng Zhi Dao Bai Huo) and Osmanthus Shopping Plaza (Ba Gui Da Sha).

Shopping in Guilin, then the South Sea Pearls must be on your shopping list. The South Sea Pearls in China have been well known all over the world for their fine quality and long-lasting luster.

Hepu, which is near the Guilin produces the finest South Sea Pearls in China. If you are not visiting Hepu, then Guilin is an ideal place to buy South Sea Pearls.

Chinese Landscape Ink Paintings: you can admire a varied collection of Chinese ink paintings and bring a beautiful image of the landscape home with you for a reasonable prices.

As the "most scenic place under Heaven", Guilin has attracted artists for hundreds of years. Many famous Chinese ink painters have used Guilin's

unique scenery as inspiration for their masterpieces.

A popular gift for Shopping in Guilin - Chinese landscape Ink Painting
Chinese landscape Ink Painting - A popular gift for Shopping in Guilin

In order to get close to the natural beauty, some of them even chose to settle down in Guilin. This makes Guilin an excellent place to buy fine ink painting works at very good prices.

Two helpful tips for you:

  1. Beware of pickpockets.
  2. Remember to bargain, no matter what the stall owner offers.

There are lots of things to do in Guilin and many places to visit in Guilin. Shopping in Guilin is only one part on your tours China. Enjoy yourself and have fun.

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