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⇀ Chengdu
Chengdu ⇀ Huanglong ⇀ Jiuzhaigou ⇀ Chengdu
3 days
∙ Private ∙
Natural scenery
This 3-day Jiuzhaigou train tour is the cheapest and fastest way to visit Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong from Chengdu. During this 3-day Jiuzhaigou tour package, you will spend 1 full day touring Jiuzhaigou Park and half a day visiting Huanglong Park.
5 days
∙ Private ∙
Enjoy a hike through the surreal beauty of the Zhangye Danxia Landform and then camp in the the Badain Jaran Desert Oasis! An adventure with a mix of hiking, camping and sightseeing, this 5 day China Silk Road Tour could be perfect for you!
⇀ Shanghai
Beijing ⇀ Xi'an ⇀ Guilin ⇀ Shanghai
13 days
∙ Private ∙
1st Time travel to China
Embark on this 13 day China tour package, ideal for first-time visitors. Explore the Great Wall of China and Terracota Warriors, enjoy a Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, and experience modern Shanghai. A perfect gateway trip to China.
From CN¥ 12,650
CN¥ 11,500
⇀ Lhasa
Lhasa ⇀ Shigatse ⇀ Mount Everest ⇀ Saga ⇀ Mount Kailash Kora ⇀ Manasarovar Lake ⇀ Shigatse ⇀ Lhasa
15 days
Group, maximum of 12 person(s)
This Mount Kailash group tour takes you to visit two important Tibetan mountains. Hike at Everest Base Camp and complete a full Kora trek at the sacred Mt. Kailash. This Mount Kailash group tour operates from April to October with fixed dates.
⇀ Guiyang
Guiyang ⇀ Kaili ⇀ Rongjiang ⇀ Congjiang ⇀ Zhaoxing ⇀ Guiyang
6 days
∙ Private ∙
Set off on the once a lifetime holiday to Guizhou with this fantastic tour package, which combines the Sisters' Meal Festival and a road journey to explore the ethnic villages along the way.
⇀ Xining
Urumqi ⇀ Turpan ⇀ Dunhuang ⇀ Jiayuguan ⇀ Xining
10 days
∙ Private ∙
Culture and Heritage
Engulf yourself in Rich Chinese culture on this 10 day Silk Road Tour! Explore Buddhism art treasure, stunning landscapes, the Great Wall and observe the unbelievable sight of sunset on the multi-colored rocks of the Zhangye Danxia Landform!
⇀ Zhangye
Dunhuang ⇀ Jiayuguan ⇀ Zhangye
5 days
∙ Private ∙
Beautiful artwork, rich culture, and incredible natural beauty on the China Silk Road! Admire the Buddhist art treasures at Mogao Caves, explore the westernmost fortress of Great Wall, and enjoy the natural wonder of Zhangye Danxia Landform!
⇀ Lhasa
Kashgar ⇀ Turpan ⇀ Dunhuang ⇀ Xiahe ⇀ Tongren ⇀ Xining ⇀ Lhasa ⇀ Shigatse ⇀ Lhasa
20 days
∙ Private ∙
Culture and Heritage
Enjoy this great Silk Road tour package with our professional service Feel the difference between the Islamic culture of Uyghurs and the Buddhist culture of Tibetans. Visit the heritages and enjoy the unspoiled natural landscape of three lakes.
From CN¥ 17,380
CN¥ 15,800

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