How to calculate the cost


Prices of landcruisers fluctuate throughout the year depending upon the season, the number of available vehicles and the number of tourists. July, August and September tend to be the most expensive months in which to rent a landcruiser. In Tibet we count the price of the trip largely depend on the kilometres driven not the time taken, mostly you can add on extra day to your itinerary for the same cost. But for the special route, like Mt.Kailash, Western Tibet Loop, mostly we will make a trip according to the number of the days taken.

According to our experience of making landcruiser rental, we have made 2 forms which are about the places distances and the price per kilometer for different kind of vehicles, so you can approximately  count the vehicles rental price according to your tour plan (trip total KM * RMB/km), but for further information regarding landcruiser rental, please by e-mail or call us. 

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