Tibet Permits Issued - Tibet Travel News 2012


The Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) has begun to issue Tibet Permits as of July 17 th, 2012!

WindhorseTour  has received several Tibet Permits for our groups, who are starting tavel in late July and August heasing to Tibet and/or Nepal

    Some key update about getting the Tibet Permits:

    1. Travel groups size should be of 4 or more persons.
    2. All travelers should be of the same nationality.
    3. Citiznes of the United Kindgon, South Korea, Norway will have difficulties to receive permits.
    4. Travelers are not allowed to visit Mount. Everest Camp (EBC).

    Visiting Tibet is a once in a lifetime experience! We are working hard to ensure all of travelers depart on their scheduled date.

    We can assist you to help pair up or find other travlers. Please contact us to with questionrs or to book your tour now!


    yuris's picture

    I'm from hong kong, i hold Latvia passport + i have china visa already. with my friends who are all chinese, plan to go to Tibet . we are taking train from china to Tibet. is there any difficulty to get Tibet permit for me?? thanks.

    Murphy Feng's picture

    Hi Yuris,
    According to the current policies in Tibet, nowdays Tibet Tourist Bureau only issues permit for group which is more than 4 persons with same nationality. So it will be most unlikely to get permit if you don't have enough same-nationality travel mates go with you. I suggest you postpone your trip to next year when situation gets better.

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