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Jiuzhaigou Valley is located at the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, attracting millions upon millions of tourists by its green lakes, double waterfalls, colorful forests, snowy mountains, Tibetan culture and blue ices. Together with Huanglong National Park, Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, and home to more than ten kinds of rare and precious wild animals, like giant panda, gold monkey, etc.

Seeing from afar, tourists can catch a glimpse of endless snow mountains; while getting closer, you will be amazed at how crystal blue the water is! Beside, Tibetan-style houses, prayer flags, wooden boardwalks, ancient mills, mysterious legends and stories will add unique flavor to your Jiuzhaigou tour.

Jiuzhaigou National Park Opening Hours

  • 07:00 am - 07:00 pm (May 1 - Nov.15)
  • 08:00 am - 06:00 pm (Nov.16 - Apr.30)

Jiuzhaigou National Park Entrance Fee

  • RMB 220 at Peak Season (Apr.1 - Nov.15)
  • RMB 80 at Slack Season (Nov.16 - Mar.31)

Note : During the off-peak season, tourists can get a free ticket for the second day. It must be obtained together the first day’s ticket. That means, it is only valid for two consecutive days in the slack season.

When to Visit Jiuzhaigou

Scenery varies from season to season and reaches its peak at Jiuzhaigou autumn. Tourist rush season lasts from April 1st to November 15th, during which October 15th to 30th is always considered as the best period to visit Jiuzhaigou. At that time, most leaves have already changed colors. Golden yellows, different due of reds and other colors dot everywhere, making Jiuzhaigou like a palette of god. But the park will be packed with crowds.

Jiuzhaigou Spring Time Photo - Travel China

Jiuzhaigou Spring (March to May) :  As the soft breeze stirs the leaves, various kinds of unknown flowers bloom across mountains and valleys. The pink, reddish and light yellow render the whole Jiuzhaigou scenic spot.

Jiuzhaigou Spectacular Summer Photo

Jiuzhaigou Summer (June to August) : With the altitude of 3,000m, Jiuzhaigou is a paradise for visitors to escape hot summer. Beside the cool weather, turquoise water in haizi also make you feel cool and fresh. It's time to watch the best of green lakes and double waterfalls.

Autumn Jiuzhaigou Detailed Travel Tips

Jiuzhaigou Autumn (September to November) : Here comes the most splendid season. All sorts of colors reflect on the surface of the lakes, you must be amazed at intoxicating scenery, like the fish swimming in the clouds and birds flying in the water. The colorful forest must be the highlight in Jiuzhaigou fall.

Winter Travel Guide to Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou Winter (December to February) : When winter comes, Jiuzhaigou becomes extremely tranquil and more romantic. Mountains and trees dress in white and silver. Falls froze into icy sculptures. Wandering in the snow world will let you totally forget the remaining disputes and troubles. Now the number of travelers declines and it is the best chance to appreciate the snow peaks and blue ice.

What to Pack for Jiuzhaigou Hiking

Jiuzhaigou has very pleasant weather and climate. The average temperature in summer is about 20℃ and lingers around 10 to 15℃ at autumn. So in addition to T-shirts and shorts, long sleeves and windproof coat are enough for the cool nights. As for chilly winter, down jacket is still needed. Another important thing is to prevent yourself from being sunburnt. Hiking Jiuzhaigou under such strong ultraviolet, tourists are highly recommended to wear sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen. What's more, you can choose to try some local food at Nuorilang Tourist Center or take some fruits and snacks en route.

What to See in Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve

Five-color Pond (Wucaichi) : Hiding in the deep valley, Wucaichi has the altitude of 2,995 m. Although it's the smallest haizi in Jiuzhaigou, its grandeur is no less than Five-flower Lake. The water here is so clear that you can see the rockface of the bottom stone. It is said that if the couple can follow the steps down to the pool, make a silent wish, and then climb the 189 steps, their love will last forever.

Wucaichi Lage Photo Jiuzhaigou

Five-flower Lake (Wuhuahai) : Lying in the middle section of Rizegou, Wuhuahai shows you the most stunning view of Jiuzhaigou, including tufa deposition at the lake bottom, all varieties of algae, tree reflections, etc. The west-side boardwalk is one of the ideal places to enjoy the beauty of Five-flower Lake. And if you want to catch a panoramic view, Tinger stone (Laohushi) is the best option.

China Travel Guide Wuhuahai- Lake Jiuzhaigou

Nuorilang Waterfall : Near to Nuorilang service center, it's known as the widest waterfall in China. Even the teleplay Journey to the West took shot here. It's roaring in summer and turns to be mysterious ice-fall in winter.

Nuorilang Frozen Waterfall Jiuzhaigou Travel Guide

Changhai : Sitting at the end of Zechawagou, Changhai is the highest, widest, and deepest haizi in Jiuzhaigou. It's mainly supplied by mountain snowmelt and precipitation, but has no water from outlet. No one knows the exact reason why it never dried up nor overflowed. When winter comes, waters will freeze. Skating on Changhai will be an unforgettable experience in your life.

Changhai Jiuzhaigou Travel China Guide

Tibetan Mystery Show (Zang Mi) : This large-scale Tibetan music comedy was produced by Rongzhongerjia and Yang Liping. It tells about what an old Tibetan lady had seen and heard on her way to pilgrimage, combines songs, dances and instruments of different Tibetan areas, and shows the Tibetan People's daily life, folk custom and religious rites. All the singing and dancing are endowed authentic Tibetan color. It's something you shouldn't miss in your Jiuzhaigou trip.

Zangmi jiuzhaigou Travel Guide

How to Get to Jiuzhaigou By Plane

Currently the most convenient way to visit Jiuzhaigou is get to Chengdu or Chongqing first and then transfer to Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong Airport (Jiuhuang Airport). There are over twenty flights from Chengdu to Jiuhuang Airport every day, costing about forty minutes. While flights from Chongqing to Jiuzhaigou Airport are much fewer and the duration is about one hour. Besides, tourists can also take direct flight from Beijing, Shanghai, Guagnzhou, Xi'an to Jiuzhaigou.

Note : Landing off at Jiuhuang Airport is NOT equal to the arrival of Jiuzhaigou Valley or Huanglong National Park. Huanglong Airport is still 88 km away from Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve and 50 km from Huanglong Scenic Spot.You can take airport shuttle bus to the destinations. It costs you RMB 45 and RMB 22 for one-way ticket from JZH Airport to Jiuzhaigou Valley and Huanglong National Park, RMB 80 and RMB 40 for round-trip ticket. Due to few shifts, most tourists prefer to renting a car or taxi.

How to Get to Jiuzhaigou By Bus

Taking bus from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou is also popular among travelers. It takes ten hours to complete the 438-km-long trip.

Bus from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou

Tourist can take bus to Jiuzhaigou from Xinnanmen Bus Station or Chadianzi Bus Station. And it's wise to book tickest several days in advance because Jiuzhaigou is always one of the top attractions for visitors to Sichuan.

Xinnanmen Bus Station: The first bus starts at 7:30 am and ticket price, depending on the vehicle condition, is about RMB 130-160. Here you can also purchase round-trip tickets.

Chadianzi Bus Station : the first bus departs at 7:30 am and ticket price, depending on the vehicle condition, is about RMB150-180. Here you can also take bus to Chuanzhusi, Jiuzhaigou downtown.

See more about Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou Bus Schedule

Bus from Jiuzhaigou to Chengdu

Tourists can also take bus back to Chengdu form Jiuzhaigou. There are two bus station, namely Jiuzhaigou Goukou Bus Station (near to scenic park) and Jiuzhaigou Bus Station (in downtown).

Jiuzhaigou Goukou Bus Station : The first bus takes off at 7 o'clock. The ticket price is about CNY130-150.

Jiuzhaigou Bus Station (Downtown) : The first bus takes off at 6 o'clock. The ticket price is about CNY155.

See more about Jiuzhaigou Goukou Bus Station and Jiuzhaigou Bus Station (Downtown)


How to Get to Jiuzhaigou By Renta Car

Renting a car is also available. The costs depend on the cars, varying from CNY500 to 2000 per day.

Frank speaking, join our Jiuzhaigou tour will definitely save all the troubles for you. Here we promise to offer you comfortable vehicles, experienced tour guides, etc. Don't hesitate to contact us for furthur discuss.


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Are there English spkng guides available in Jiuzhaigiou for 2 -3 days. Prefer a guide cum driver to take me around to the most photogenic locations. I am arriving on 22/10/2018. Do u also offer package tours.

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Hi Rajesh,
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Yes, there are English speaking guides available and we can certainly arrange you a guide together with a driver during your trip in Jiuzhaigou.
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Hi, I'd like to enquire for the price of a private car for 4 people with driver from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou. Date of travel is on the 17th of September.

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