How many ticket classes are there on the trains in China?


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There are 3 ticket classes on the trains in China. These include:

  • Soft Sleeper: Each compartment is enclosed by a lockable door, and contains 4 berths, with two to a side.The bunks are wider and most comfortable of any class. Air-conditioning is provided, and there is a shared toilet for each car.

    This class of service is the highest level provided on China Railways.


  • Hard Sleeper: There are 6 berths in each cabin where. There is a small difference of price between the berths, with the upper berth being the cheapest and the lower berth the most expensive. A clean pillow and sheet are provided.


  • Hard Seat: The coaches are usually overcrowded as standing tickets are sold for these carriages. It is the equivalent of a 3rd class ticket.

On the modern high speed trains, there are 2 ticket classes. These include:

1st and 2nd class seats: These 2 classes of seats are only available on the new high-speed C, D & G category trains. Both of them are soft seats, and 1st class seats will offer a larger space. 

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