Beijing Shanghai Sightseeing Tour - 7 Days


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7 Days
  • Private Tour
  • Photography
This 7 day trip combines the archaic Beijing and the vogue Shanghai, a great tour to know China's past, present and future. See Shanghai's pristine Yu Garden, China's Best Museum, along with the unforgettable Forbidden City and Great Wall.
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Ann De Pellegrin's picture

Would like the cost of the BJ05- Beijing Shanghai Sightseeing Tour - 7 Days for late September 2012.
That is dates of tour - so this can be coordinated with us being in China.
Also quote 2 costs - one for single person travelling and the other 2 person travelling together.
Still waiting if my partner can join me and wont be finalised till next week.
Also - if we need visa - can we get these in Singapore - and how long would if take.
Please advise ASAP

Murphy Feng's picture

Dear Ann,

Thanks for your comments. I just tried to send you an email with detailed quotation and some advice for your review, but apparently it could not be delivered to you, because the email address you provided to us was "invalid and not accepted".

Hopefully you can see this and contact us again. 

Best Regards,


Asniza Ishak's picture

Hallo, i would like to know the price for thic package please.Tq

kenneth's picture

we are couple from philippine, we are planning to go on november 10, we want the cheapest rate all in in this 7 day beijing shanghai tour, economy plane, 3 star hotel but in good quality as well. how to get visa??? thanks

Murphy Feng's picture

Hi Kenneth,

Thank you for your comments!

We'd love to help you plan this trip, and I just sent you an email with the outline itinerary and tour quotation as you requested, please check it and feel free to share your opinions with me.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you again!

Kind Regards,


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