Mt. Siguniang - A Popular Trekking Tour In Sichuan


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With an original and pure land, Mt. Siguniang is worth visiting in your life time. Take a trekking tour and travel to Sichuan where you can enjoy your leisure time in the valley. As one of the many mountains in Sichuan, Mt. Siguniang in its own beauty, which attracts tourists from all over the world to travel to Sichuan to uncover her secret veil.  In 1994, it was listed as the Natural Scenic Resort and National Nature Reserve in 1996. It was renowned as the Oriental Alps, and the Queen of Shu Mountain.

Mt. Siguniang, which is also part of the Four Girls Mountain, consists of four snow mountains, Mt, Siguniang, Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley. It covers an area of 450 sq. km. (174 sq. mi.) and is located between the boundary of Xiaojin County and Weishuan county of Aba Tibetan - Qiang Minority Autonomous Prefecture. The Four Girls are like wearing cloaks and very pretty. Legend has it that one of the girl called the sister Yao is slim in shape and is fascinating, and Mt. Siguniang just got its name in this way. Mt. Siguniang is the highest peak among the Sichuan Mountains, with 6,250m (20,505 ft.) above the sea level. The other mountains extend in a line, with the heights of 5,335m (17,503 ft.), 5,454m (17,893 ft.), 5,664m (18,582 ft.). The peaks soaring high into clouds, seems the leading mountain in Western Sichuan Plain.

Mt. Siguniang is pure and attractive. It has the most enjoyable mountain scenery to share. Here is a picture describing the mountain scene. In this picture, you can see the local houses distributed fragmentary on the mountain. The background is a mountain with dense trees as its beautiful clothes. Seeing from the different colors of tree leaves, it’s easy to tell that it’s in autumn. Actually, autumn is the best season to plan your trekking tour and visit Mt. Siguniang. It is said that the mountain scene looks like South European scenery.

It was said that it enjoys four seasons in a single day? There is a phrase in Chinese: 一花一世界,一叶一菩提。(Pin yin: yī huā yī shì jiè, yí yè yī pú tí). This old Chinese phrase said by Buddha means a high spirit ambit level. It describes what we called the nature’s cycle. This phrase reminds us that always keep a still heart and we are forwarded naturally.  There are not many places preserved well and still keep that original scenery and Mt. Siguniang is just the one, the real place that can grasp your eyes and even make a change to your soul, just like what the Buddha commented – A little flower, a big world; A piece of leaf, an enlightenment.

“I love this kind of world, pure and bright. Wherever I am, I can feel the real me.”,

“I wish I could change myself into a cow, leading a kind of life what humans called the original way forever.” commented by the tourists, this is just the pure Mt. Siguniang. Real in beauty, natural and pure. This summer, get close to one of the beautiful mountains in Sichuan. Your Sichuan trekking tour awaits you!

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