3 days Chengdu Panda Base / Leshan Giant Buddha / Mt. Emei tour - 2017-8-28-P2-Jacqueline


Feedback Jacqueline Panda Leshan and Mount Emei Tour
Photo of Jacqueline with WindhorseTour Banner Summit of Mount Emei
Group Size: 
2 persons
Tour Itinerary: 
First, spend half day in Chengdu Panda Base to have a close eye on the cute and peaceful creature - Pandas. Then head to Leshan to visit the world biggest sitting Buddha. Afterwards, drive about 30 minutes to Mt. Emei and spend 2 days in Mt. Emei to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the summit of Mount Emei.
Tour Highlights: 
Cute pandas, Leshan Giant Buddha and the sunset in Mt. Emei
Tour Dates: 
08/28/2017 to 08/30/2017
Other Comments From Client: 

Absolutely wonderful.
Hard bed but good view.
The car to the Mt. Emei Train Station was gross of smokey.

The most memorable part about my WindhorseTour is . . .: 
Giant Leshan Buddhua