Mount Emei 2 day discover tour - part 2


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Trekking in Mount Emei would surely be one of your most unforgettable trips. It requires both perseverance and patience, you can see the most wonderful landscapes only after experiencing the hardest part. Just like the old saying "After rain comes a rainbow".

Day 2 - Get everything ready early in the morning, like water, food and map. Cheer up! It is a magical day to meet wonders. 

Mount Emei Golden Summit - Sichuan
The first stop would be the Immortal Peak Temple (仙峰寺Xiānfēngsì), 1,753 m high (5,751 ft). It derives its name from the location which sits beside at the mountain cliff. There are three different halls in the temple: God of Wealth Hall, Mahavira Hall and Sarira Hall. Ancient trees tower to the sky around the temple. Before arriving at this temple, you must pass through the longest and steepest path, known as "ninety-nine turns". The monkey's habitat is around the temple area. By Feeding the monkeys you can make your journey more fun. Keep moving on, when you pass the cliff side be quick and safe. 

The next stop is Elephant Bathing Pool (洗象池Xǐxiàngchí). It's about two hours' trek from the Immortal Peak Temple. It is said that the oldest disciple of Sakyamuni (the founder of Buddhism) - Samantabhadra bath his elephant here, then got its name this way. As a must pass place, the government has invested to build more guest houses. This is one of the recommended places to stay overnight. At night, the bright moon shining in the sky, moonlight reflects in the pool water, the water and the sky merge in one color, what a beautiful view!

Getting closer and closer to the summit, it is not just exciting but also a sense of accomplishment. If you can't wait to witness the "Four Wonders of Mount Emei", take a cable car to Golden Summit. The cable car is world class and it can hold the weight of 101 people.  It's only a few minutes' ride from Jieyin Hall to Golden Summit. 

Mount Emei Golden Summit Cloud Sea - Sichuan
Finally, reaching the Golden Summit. Take a moment to cheer for the accomplishment, then enjoy the Four Wonders: the Buddha's Halo (rainbow-like rings that surround and move with your shadow), Sea of Clouds,  the Holy Lamp and Golden Summit Sunrise (Ok, maybe next time). There is a golden statue which is the highest Buddha in the world. Huazang Si is the best place to experience the Sea of Clouds. Too many things to see at the Golden Summit. Take your time and appreciate these unique views.

After experiencing, wonders at Golden Summit, you also can take a cable car down. Then about half an hour's walk to Leidongping Bus Station where you can take a bus to down the mountain. It's about 2 hours' drive. There's a long-distance bus station at the foot of Mount Emei, the last bus to Chengdu is at 5:00 PM. Return to:  Mount Emei 2 Day Discover Tour Part 1.
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