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Kanas Lake - Charming Winter Landscapes
Travel to Kanas Lake in winter as it would be an unbelievable thing to do in a China tour because you would see how wonderful the landscapes of Kanas Lake is in winter. Lasting for over six months in winter time, Kanas Lake probably is the best place away from hustling-bustling of the modern day city. It is reputed as the one of most beautiful lakes and a top spot for tourism in China, but actually, Kanas Lake of winter was opened to public from last year. WindhorseTour's Xinjiang Tour will guide you a special journey to Kanas Lake of winter.

Kanas Lake - Top Winter Place For Tourism in China
Kanas Lake is located in northern Xinjiang and has become a popular destination for tourism in China. Kanas Lake in Mongolian means mysterious, rich and beauty. The lake covers an area of 45 sq. km. (27 sq. mi.) and is 1,375 m. (4,511 ft.) high above sea level. There are six bays along Kanas Lake when you take an Eastern Xinjiang Tour for Photography, where you can see and learn about six unique tales.

Nestled in the snow-covered mountains and deep forests, to see Kanas Lake in winter time can bring your Xinjiang tour more pleasure. Dazzling winter sun shines on the flowing lake, the color of the water changes according to season or weather, from dark green to sky blue then to gray and white among a day. On the upper reaches of lakeside, a thousand-meter long withered trees with interlocked branches keep a rare spectacle for decades. When the heavy rains in the early morning is over, a magical sunrise is worth appreciating: clouds and mist is curling up over the Kanas Lake. It may seem as if you have encountered the spectacle of Buddha Halo. You will be lucky the year-round and you may be interested to see Mount Emei's wonder of Buddha Halo, which is another top place for tourism in China and you can take the 2 Days Visit to Mount Emei and Leshan Tour to see this amazing spectacle.

Monster of Kanas Lake with Mysterious Tales in Your Xinjiang Tour
Local legend says a group of monsters lived in the depths of Kanas Lake and they often have dragged horses and camels into water! It’s said that the monster is actually a rare fish whose name is Hucho taimen which means huge red fish. Travelers who have photographed the longest one monster from Kanas Lake have over 10 m. (32 ft.) long. The best viewpoint to explore the monsters is Pavilion for Viewing Fish and it’s also the top choice for you looking down on the delightful scenery of whole Kanas Lake.

Experice Horse Drawn Sleds Take Your Winter Kanas Lake unforgettable

Without experiencing horse drawn sleds along the whole Kanas Lake, you can’t say the winter Xinjiang tour is complete! It is the only but most meaningful way to visit Kanas Lake in winter. Stopping at any attractive spots, breathing the pure air from China’s Siberia and whole area of Kanas Lake show you an unforgettable ice wonderland. From a Chinese ancient poem “千山鸟飞绝, 万径人踪灭 (qiān shān niǎo fēi jǘe, wàn jìng rén zōng miè)” - A thousand mountains without a bird, Ten thousand miles with no trace of man; which could describe you are driving in the quiet world and feel the peace of mind. Most tourist in a Xinjiang tour visit the entire Kanas Lake by horse – drawn sled and if you interested join the experience then can look at: Visit Main Attractions in Xinjiang.

Winter travel to Kanas Lake will show you an unforgettable place that will meet your expectations and give you real Xinjiang tour fairy tale as well as make you warm in the winter frost by the extraordinary beauty of this place. Meanwhile, WindhorseTour's expert advice for you is to keep warm all time as the temperature here is really low. If are you interested in visiting this wonderful spot for tourism in China then please look at travel through Xinjiang to exotic Nepal Tour.

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