Chengdu giant Panda Base - 1 day volunteer work


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No china travel is complete without visiting those adorable giant panda bears! Or more, you can take this once-in-a-lifetime chance and get first-hand experience with those furry animals. The Chengdu Giant Panda Base is in Chengdu city in Sichuan Province. Since the establishment of the Panda Base in 1987, it has been a safe sanctuary for these endangered species. The panda base is also used as a research center for the welfare of these panda bears. The panda volunteer work provides you the great opportunity to get close to these panda bears.

By doing the volunteer work, first of all a full introduction of the pandas is needed, then some basic working rules will be delivered and a special training will be received on how to take care of the pandas. The duty of the volunteer includes cleaning panda’s living area, shoveling their feces, preparing bamboo and cleaning the panda.

Usually, cleaning pandas is not a routine job and should be undergone under instructions. But if the weather gets hot and you get lucky, you might have the chance to give them shower to see how much they enjoy it and how clumsy and cute they are. Some good times to volunteer at the Panda Base can be found here. This could be so much fun! If you are in charge of feeding them, don’t be overwhelmed by their cuteness to give them too much bamboo, ill-digestion is also harmful to them. Under the help of the staff worker, you can clean the pandas’ living areas to ensure that they have a decent and comfortable place to live in; you might get sweaty but you will be definitely happy. By doing these voluntary services it is also an interesting way to get to know a panda’s lifestyles and behavior patterns.

Panda lovers, come and join in the panda volunteer team to take care of these cuddly pandas and watch them chew on the bamboo you just gave them! A day to spend with the giant panda bears does not come everyday, so grab the chance to get up close and meet these amazing bears. You don’t need to be an expert on animal breeding, it just requires you to love animals. For more details, please contact at

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