Murphy Feng


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About Me: 
As a Travel Advisor, I have been working at WindhorseTour for about 3 years. I've found lots of fun from my work and have expanded my expert knowledge on travel in China. The best part of this job is I always learning from our clients. China is a huge country and has so much to offer, and passionate travelers from all around the world always inspire me to explore more about this wonderland underneath my feet. Which is quite familiar to me, but also full of surprises.
I do love traveling, and I personally prefer the non-touristy destinations, which would allow me to see the most authentic pictures of each place. Apart from traveling, I'm also a big fan of digital products, phones, iPads, cameras and all those cool stuffs. My Christmas wish this year would be having a Google Glass or iWatch (if the rumors were true). For me, the best way to relax is watching a classic movie, drinking cups of nice coffee and have my cat lying on my knees.