Mt. Kailash and Mt. Everest Base Camp Tour - 15 Days


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15 Days
  • Private Tour
  • Photography
  • Natural Scenery
  • Overland
See the top 2 mounts in Tibet with this tour. A pilgrimage excursion to holy Mountain Kailash and lake Manasarovar. Along with an adventurous hiking to Everest Base Camp makes the best experience for your Tibet trip.
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Kelly Lima's picture

Hello, I am very interested in doing this tour, it incorporates everything I want to do in Nepal which is the pilgrimage around Mt. Kailash and Everest Base Camp. I am planning on going end of july/august. I am alone, how much will the cost be? please let me know as soon as possible as I need to book my flights.

WindhorseTour Travel Team's picture

Hello Kelly and thank you for your reply. Murphy one of our Travel Advisors will be sending you an email shortly with more detailed information about your inquiry. Thank you choosing WindhorseTour.

sundeep sidar's picture

Dear Windhorse Tours,

I would like to do the same but in sept 2017.

Would this be a good time to do it.

Many Thanks


Jeremy van den Driesen's picture

This is the trip I want to do, however, after the walk to EBC I would like to go Kathmandu.
I plan on taking the train to Lhasa from Beijing . This will be around September 15th.
Can you arrange all of this and what does it cost?

Thank you


Murphy Feng's picture

Hi Jeremy,


Thanks for your comments. Of course we'd love to help you organizing this trip. Hope you don't mind to tell us a bit more information about your plan, such as what's the number of people in your group? What kind of cabin you prefer to take for the train to Lhasa (Soft-sleeper or Hard-sleeper)? Do you prefer a private tour or join a group?



You're always welcome to contact us by email (, or just leave your email address here, we will send you more details as you requested.


Looking forward to hearing from you and Happy New Year!





Eddy Van Ryckeghem's picture


Please total price for this tour for 1 person (PRIVATE). Starting about 20/09/2013.

Thanks Eddy

Murphy Feng's picture

Hi Eddy,

Thank you for your comments! I just sent you an email with detailed tour proposal and cost as you requested. Please check it and let me know if you have any further questions on it!

Looking forward to hearing from you :)



lili's picture

dear sir,
i' planning to go ngari during late november, but it seems tha tthat time is not advisable to go?
is it really cannot go during that time?
i'm planning to go nov 2014.

best regards

Lycoris Yang's picture

Hi Lili,
Thanks for contacting us! Sorry to tell you that we don't have this tour in late November due to the cold weather.Could you please adjust your travel date for one or two months in advance if you are really interested in this tour route? Or you can choose other routes to visit Tibet in late November. I've just sent you an email with details, please kindly check it and you are welcome to ask me if you have any question.

Atul Panchal's picture

Good Morning all and have a nice day.
We r planing to visit this place so let me know all detail with charges.
A waiting your reply soon.
Thanking you.

Victoria Fang's picture

Dear Atul Panchal,

Thanks for contacting us. I have sent you an email with more detailed information about your inquiry. Please check it and let me know if you have any question about your tour! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

Vikas Pande 's picture

Sir I am Vikas Pande from Mumbai, India. I am planning a trip to Mansarovar Lake in March 2015 by my car with my family from India via Nepal and what would be the formalities and documents required for the same, and I would like to book good hotels and resorts by your agency, and I would like to know that can your guide accompany us during travel because I have read that a tour guide is must

xin rairdan's picture

We are arriving Lhasa on 6/15/16, and depart on 7/1/16. Group of 8 people, 4 adults, 4 children from 13 to 17 years old.
Please provide a quote for us.

Yuki Yi's picture

Hello Xin,

Thanks for your comments! Mid-late June is a good time for this trip. I've sent you the tour itinerary with quotation via E-mail, please go through the details and feel free to let me know for any other questions!
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
All the best,

clara maganza's picture

Hi, we are 2 travelers 45 and 66 aged, we are planning to visit Tibet in september ( 22 or 23 we could arrive to Lhasa) and we are interested in -mount-kailash-everest-base-camp-tour (17 days). We woul like to receive your quote. Thanks. Clara

Anita Fan's picture

Hi Clara,

Thanks for your inquiry. This is Anita from WindhorseTour.

We would love to make your Tibet trip happen. I have just sent an email with detailed itinerary and quotation to you. Please kindly go through it and let me know if you have any further questions on it.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

Vikram R's picture

Do you organize the itinerary from Kathmandu, Nepal.
if so, would you be able to share the details of the route.

We are 8 people planning to do Mr Kailash and would like to get a glimpse of Mount Everest with little trek. (we do not intend to do Everest base camp trek).

Also, can you share the cost for the itinerary (Kathmandu to Kathmandu)
1) 8 people
2) 10 people

Planned time - August / September 2017

Many Thanks,

Yuki Yi's picture

Hello Vikram,
Thanks for contacting us! This is Yuki from WindhorseTour.
Please kindly note that after the April 25th 2015 Earthquake in Nepal the border has been closed. Currently, we only suggest our groups to take the flights between Lhasa and Kathmandu.
The tour details have been sent to your email, please go through the details and feel free to let me know for any further questions on it.
Wish you have a pleasant day.
Kind Regards,

Pieterjan Verhaeghen's picture


We would like to do this trip as budget as possible in october 2017. What would be the price to go with you?

Kind regards,

Yuki Yi's picture

Hi Pieterjan,
Thanks for contacting us! This is Yuki from WindhorseTour.
We can certainly arrange this trip for you. I have sent you the quotation details via E-mail, please have a look and feel free to contact for any further questions or assistance on it.
Look forward to your reply soon.
Kind regards,

Arun Kumar A's picture

Hi, I am very interested to explore this tour option as i can do both the Mt Kailash and Mt Everst at one go. Pls share the tour costing and this years tour dates schedule, which will help me to pick suitable dates.

Eli's picture


I am interested in knowing the cost of the package of 10 to 15 days in the tibet, itinerary and that includes the package (tickets of train or airplane, lodging, meals, etc ...).....

Only fr me...

Many thanks u....

Yuki Yi's picture

Hi Eli,
Thanks for your comments. This is Yuki from WindhorseTour.
I have sent you the details via email few minutes ago, please go through the details and kindly let me know your comments or thoughts on it.
Look forward to your reply soon.
Kind regards,

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